MIRENA® Non-English 52mg 1 IUD




MIRENA® Non-English 52mg 1 IUD

Mirena® Non-English 52mg 1 IUD is an intrauterine device that discharges micro amounts of the synthetic progestin Levonorgestrel (LNG). It operates locally within the uterus, having dual actions, both as a foreign body and as a reservoir for the release of LNG. In addition to providing a segment leading contraceptive efficacy, it has valuable applications in certain gynecologic disorders. Miniscule systemic absorption of LNG crowns Mirena® with negligible side effects, unlike other progestin pills and injectables.

Mirena® Non-English 52mg 1 IUD a T – shaped device to be inserted into the uterine cavity.
The T – shaped frame is made of plastic or polyethylene. It has a pair of nylon type threads attached to the end of the stem forming a tail of sorts. These threads facilitate self-identification of the device as being located correctly in place and help in device removal when needed.

The silicone-Levonorgestrel based elastomer core on the stem of the Mirena® IUD contains a total amount of 52 mg of Levonorgestrel.

Levonorgestrel is absorbed systemically into the blood stream which results in a circulating level of 150 to 200 picograms/ml, however, it is the local actions of LNG on the uterine environment that decide its effectiveness as a contraceptive. Mirena® birth control device lasts and provides efficiency as a contraceptive for up to 5 years from the date of insertion. Most women experience light periods, but in some cases periods totally disappear.

Only devices within the shelf life may be inserted as there is no guarantee on the hygiene, sterility, freshness of the active ingredients and safety of the product once the expiry date is reached or crossed. The contraceptive life of Mirena® birth control device is 5 years and it begins from the date of insertion regardless of shelf life.

The presence of an intrauterine device such as Mirena® in the uterus acts like foreign body inciting a host responses ranging from inflammatory chemicals and white cells that tend to reject any sperms entering or any early pregnancy from implanting into the womb.

Mirena® IUD is the leader among IUD (Intra Uterine Device) methods of contraception and among all reversible methods as such. The claimed efficacy is very high with pregnancy prevention rates above 99%.  It is an ideal contraceptive for nursing mothers.

The advantages of Mirena® IUD:

- It offers long term protection of five years with a single insertion;
- It is not taxing on the user like the combined pill, which mandates daily motivation and compliance;
- It is free from life threatening adverse effects such as blood clots and certain cancers that hormonal pills predispose to;
- It is ideal for women who suffer from heavy and painful periods. Up to 20 % of women will experience no periods after one year of use;
- Useful for women who want long term effective contraception free from side effects;
- Beneficial in women who cannot use estrogens;
- It can be used through menopause;
- It is free from interactions with other medications.
- Ectopic pregnancies or pregnancies in the fallopian tubes are less likely with Mirena

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